Installing SSL Certificate on Plesk 12

You can find instructions for installing an SSL certificate on a Plesk 12 web server below.

Before You Start

Please make sure you have downloaded your certificate files.

After downloading your certificate, you should have the following certificate files:

  • certificate.crt
  • cabundle.crt
  • privatekey.pem

Install Certificate:

  1. First, please log in to your Plesk control panel.
  2. From the "Websites & Domains" tab, select the domain you would like to install your certificate for.
  3. Click the "SSL/TLS Certificates" option in the "Security" section. (Formerly called "Secure Your Sites")
  4. Click "Advanced Settings", this button will bring you to the SSL setup panel.
  5. Click "Add SSL/TLS Certificate"
  6. Upload or paste your certificate files (certificate.crt, cabundle.crt and privatekey.pem)
  7. Finally, click on "Upload Certificate" (Formerly called "Send Text").

Check Installation

Go to SSL Zen Plugin and click on the Next button on Step 3. Our plugin will automatically detect if you have installed the SSL certificate correctly. If you have, click on the Next button in Step 4 and we will replace your website http url with https.

Congratulations, you have completed all required steps to install your SSL certificate.

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