How to safely disable SSL Zen CDN plugin

Before you decide to deactivate SSL Zen plugin, please make sure of the following things

1. Your website IPv4 A record for your website is pointing to your hosting server. An easy way to check this is by visiting and entering your website URL such as
If the results show your website server IP address, it means you are no longer using StackPath. The opposite of this is also true. If shows your A record as, it means you are still using StackPath. We recommend you wait for a couple of hours before deactivating the plugin.

2. Similar to A record, you also need to change your CNAME record for www sub-domain. Make sure your CNAME record with host www is pointing to your domain name. Example, for domain name, the CNAME record for www would be Again, you can use to check your CNAME resolution. Make sure you are selecting CNAME in the dropdown next to the text input where you enter your domain name.

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