How long does it take for SSLZEN to validate domain for Premium CDN plugin?

Once you have purchased the CDN plan from SSL Zen, uploaded and activated the plugin on WordPress, at step 2, you'd need to make changes to your DNS records as requested by the plugin. 

Once you have made DNS changes, you'd have an option to "Scan DNS record". After clicking on it, we start checking in the backend if the DNS changes made are reflected on global DNS servers. This might take few minutes to few hours since some ISP's ignore TTL settings, and retain DNS records in cache even if the TTL period has already expired. This can cause propagation to take longer. Root servers might have a TTL of 48 hours or more to prevent overuse, so this change might take much longer to propagate.

If you still face any problems after waiting for propagation to happen until 24 hrs, you can mail us at or contact us using live chat on website and we would check and get back to you.

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