Rate Limit Issue while installing SSL

While installing SSL using the SSL Zen plugin, you might encounter an error message as in the below image or message like this on the plugin page:

""cpanelfree.xyz" is currently affected by Let's Encrypt-based ratelimits (https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/). You may review certificates that have already been issued by visiting https://crt.sh/?q=%your_domain. Please note that it is not possible to ask for a ratelimit to be manually cleared. The Duplicate Certificate limit (5 certificates with the exact same set of domains per week) has been exceeded and is affecting the domain "cpanelfree.xyz". The exact set of domains affected is: "cpanelfree.xyz". It may be possible to avoid this ratelimit by issuing a certificate with an additional or different domain name."

You can check the history of no. of certificates that have been installed for your domain here - https://crt.sh/?q=%your_domain .

You can check this link to see the cause of the error- https://letsdebug.net/. Enter your domain name in the URL field. If it is a rate limit issue, you will be able to see this screen :

The reason for the "Rate Limit Error" is that you've tried installing SSL on your domain multiple times and have reached the limit assigned by Let'sEncrypt to install the SSL which is 10 certificates per week. So in order to install the SSL again, you need to wait for a week time. Also, it is not allowed to manually reset this rate limit.

To know more about Rate Limit give this a read: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/

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