"Not all authorizations are valid" error message at Step 2 while installing SSL using SSL Zen plugin

There might be a situation when installing SSL using the SSL Zen Free/Premium version of the plugin, you end up getting an error message that says " Not all authorizations are valid". There are different reasons for cause of this error. Follow the solution that is suitable for you based on the version of the plugin you are using :

Free version /Premium version:

1. Check if your WordPress is installed in the root folder ex: /home/bcyh6ur88/public_html/ .Here is how you can check it:

  • Log in to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard as an administrator.
  • In the menu at left, click on the Tools option.
  • Find "Site Health" and click on it.
  • By default, the Site Health tool immediately shows the site Status. Click on "Info" to its immediate left at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the WordPress Constants section. Locate ABSPATH. This is your WordPress installation path.

Most of the time users end up installing their site in a sub-folder ex: cpanelfree.xyz/site . Their WordPress installation path in such cases would be: /home/bcyh6ur88/public_html/site

Due to this reason, the domain validation might fail and you'd see the "Not all authorization are valid" error message during SSL Zen Plugin setup. 

To fix this, you can install your WordPress in the root folder, so that all your subfolders are covered by SSL. For ex: if you install your WordPress under this path : /home/bcyh6ur88/public_html/, it would cover all your websites sub-folders like cpanelfree.xyz/site , cpanelfree.xyz/blog , cpanelfree.xyz/contact etc.

You can get the help of your hosting provider to install your WordPress in the root folder instead of the sub-folder. Make sure you take a backup of your site before doing this change.

2. Setup the plugin once again. In the case of the premium plugin, make sure you have uploaded the premium version of the plugin and then follow the setup process.

3. Deactivate any other SSL plugins if you have installed and activated them. Similar SSL plugins may conflict with the SSL Zen plugin and the above error would be thrown.

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